CapitalAid is a new innovative provider of capital to small and medium-sized enterprises trading on electronic invoicing networks. CapitalAid provides a platform to make invoice financing cheaper, faster, easier and more secure.


Value Proposition

Companies – and SMEs in particular – struggle in today´s market with cash flows, extended payment terms and lending services. Factoring from high street banks has become very restrictive, expensive and lengthy to process.


CapitalAid will initially be delivering fully automatized invoice financing services on Tradeshift – the world´s largest and most advanced invoicing infrastructure, using technology to turn invoices into cash. Unlike the competition they offer a fully automated, integrated, no hassle, low-risk, fast payment mechanism.
The vision of CapitalAid is to provide financing services on multiple platforms but the journey starts with Tradeshift who has the perfect technology, communication channels and customer base.


CapitalAid’s headquarters is located in London, United Kingdom.






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Denmark – United Kingdom