Leasing through GoMore is fast becoming a success

GoMore recently launched their newest initiative in cooperation with LeasePlan. The two companies have made it possible to lease a car from LeasePlan and rent it to others through GoMore when it is not being used. This new concept is the latest offspring in the sharing economy and might give Danes who have not been able to afford a car the possibility to lease one for themselves or their family, free of cost.

The sharing economy is a growing trend and especially the younger generations are catching on fast, as GoMore CEO and founder Matias Møl Dalsgaard explains: “The younger generations are more interested in having access to a car as well as comfort and economy than ownership in the traditional sense.”

The cars have been in high demand and the first 10 cars are already on the road with several more following shortly.
Simon Paag has leased one of the first cars and is already receiving requests from people who are interested in renting his car.
“I have used the car for GoMore ridesharing once already and have agreed to rent the car out for the weekend and a couple of days during the coming holidays. The option to lease a car and rent it out fits my lifestyle perfectly. I don’t need a car everyday but it is great to have the option. When I am not using it, it is easy to lease it to others. I keep a bicycle in the trunk so planning is no problem I can always just jump on my bike home.”

GoMore and LeasePlan are working hard to get even more leased cars on the streets in the coming weeks.