GoMore and Polar Light Capital reveal global expansion plans

GoMore, Scandinavia’s largest platform for carpooling and private car hire, has just bought the Spanish carpool service Amovens. This will double their user-base to over half a million, as well as granting GoMore a brand new market in Spain, which the company’s director, Matias Dalsgaard, recognizes as the first of many steps in a major international expansion.

GoMore has been helping Danes get to and from places since 2005, and the founders have been working full-time on the site since 2013. Last year, the Danish startup expanded in Sweden and Norway, and now the company is ready with the third step, which is expansion in Spain. The company now boasts a userbase with 250.000+ users in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and 220.000+ users in Spain.

“The ambition is to fundamentally change transport, not only in Denmark but throughout the world,” says director and founder of GoMore, and goes on to say: “Car sharing and car rental between private individuals can work anywhere, and our ambitions are not limited to within Scandinavia.”

Amovens have provided a platform for carpooling in Spain since 2009 and has more than 220,000 users. Currently, Amoven’s services only include carpooling, but the plan is to expand car rental between private parties, like GoMore offers. The combination of carpooling and private car hire is unique and provides a significantly higher revenue per user compared to other sites which only offer one of the two. Internationally renowned GoMore who have taken investment from, among others entrepreneurial icon Jesper Buch, Polar Light Capital and SEED Capital, already have plans to expand to more countries.

“We have the next countries in the telescope.” says Dalsgaard. “I expect to establish GoMore in at least three new countries during 2015. We are also looking forward to our cooperation with Polar Light Capital to expand GoMore services in the CEE region”.

GoMore and Polar Light Capital are in the final process of launching Gomore services in selected countries throughout the CEE region. Polar Light Capital is an investor and shareholder in GoMore, has an extensive network in Central and Eastern Europe and is therefore the perfect partner to launch GoMore services in these countries. This international expansion into Central and Eastern European countries is another chapter in the success story of GoMore.