GoMore and LeasePlan launches new leasing concept

Danish GoMore and Dutch LeasePlan have entered into a new partnership. The goal is to give Danes the opportunity to lease cars at no cost. The two companies have launched a new concept, where it is possible to lease a car from LeasePlan and rent it to others through GoMore when it is not being used.

The consumer leases a car from LeasePlan for DKK 1,795 a month, and rents the car to others through GoMore at DKK 225 a day, that way the leased car is cost free if it is subleased 8 days a month. As a kicker, it is possible for the customer to get a new leased car every 6 months at no further cost. This new concept is the latest offspring in sharing economy and might give Danes who have not been able to afford a car the possibility to lease one for themselves or their family, free of cost.

The sharing economy is a growing trend and especially the younger generations are catching on fast, as GoMore CEO and founder Matias Møl Dalsgaard explains: “The younger generations are more interested in having access to a car as well as comfort and economy than ownership in the traditional sense.”

The concept starts today and anyone who wishes to participate can do so at www.gomore.dk/leasing. Both GoMore and LeasePlan expect to see the first leased and subleased cars on the road during the next few weeks.