Polar Light Capital is a private investment company that invests in businesses with the potential to create substantial long-term value and a clear focus on Technology and Healthcare across Europe and beyond.


Together with our partners we travel new paths, always focused on the essential. Cooperating with Polar Light Capital means obtaining access to international networks of successful entrepreneurs, leaders and to a global investor platform. We offer capital, expertise and open doors to customers, partners and financial markets.


Our network consists of experts who have built up, managed and sold impressive businesses, and have devised excellent solutions to the associated challenges. Our time and investment horizon is based on each company’s potential and the management team’s goals. We don’t believe in speculation and don’t gamble on short-term successes.


We are convinced that exceptional ideas and companies have the potential in being developed into top – notch firms via constant, disciplined further developments and high performance management teams. Polar Light Capital invests in first-class management teams, innovative technologies and promising ideas. Rapid decision-making, an appreciation of the operational management, a well-grounded knowledge of market potentials and an unbureaucratic accessibility are our trademarks.